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Enhanced Racer Kit
Convert your R nineT into an Enhanced Racer

Dab Design has designed its first custom motorcycle kit for all BMW R nineT owners : the Enhanced Racer kit. The ER kit will drastically change the design of your bike without modifying anything on the factory chassis, retaining reliability, performance and safety.

Premium design
Zero modifications

No grinding, no welding, no long waits, only basic tools are needed to customize your one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Our kit is for any rider who wants to customize the R nineT in their garage with standard tools and that doesn't require any welding skills or special equipment.

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Features Image
and with style

The trend of custom is widespread around the world, but there are still some sensitive topics ... like the conformity and security of your bike. As a custom motorcycles builder, we decided to offer a kit with a completely unique design and 100% safe. That is to say that the kit can be mounted without modifying anything on the factory motorcycle to keep the stock bike structure and its conformity.


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- Composite bodywork (fiberglass, carbon or flax) :

- Front fairing

- Front metal structure

- Front fender/fork cover

- Rear shell

- Radiator side guards

- Rear side covers

- Front lenticular headlight E4 certified

- Daylight LED strip E4 certified

A 2014 or later model BMW R nineT 1200. The ER kit can also be mounted on the BMW R nineT Pure and Racer, only the front fender needs to be adapted.

Basic tools (sockets, screwdrivers, ... )

Basic wiring skills : the front headlight requires rewiring the lenticular optic and the LED strip.

The desire to ride a unique motorcycle

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Made of fiberglass, the ER kit is available in BMW color schemes.

Other colors can be chosen on demand

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Made of carbon fiber, the ER Carbon kit is available with glossy or matte varnish.

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The ER Flax kit is made of flax fiber, the same fiber used on the first Dab Design motorcycle, one of the few motorcycle in the world which have this kind of fiber.

Available with glossy or matte varnish

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We will be more than happy to help you to find your perfect ER kit.