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LM Limited Edition

The combinaison of two passions

Plunged into the world of motorcycle by passion, specialized in engineering by vocation, Dab Design develops in a workshop at the heart of French Basque Country, a new kind of custom motorcycles and parts. Its founder, Simon Dabadie, is a graduated Product engineer and trained in Product Design.

This atypical background is the essence and the strength of Dab Design, founded in 2015. By mastering the unexpected alliance of new technologies and craftsmanship, Dab Design shakes up the custombike rules and reinvents a little more each day its own playground. Through the use of 3D tools, each step of a project is redefined, from the visualization of the final product to the manufacturing of custom parts.

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3D Customization

Bike configuration (color, textures, parts). 3D photorealistic rendering to visualize the final bike.

New technologies X Craftsmanship

Mixing the traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge 3D technologies (3D design, photorealistic rendering, 3D printing).

iPad cover

One-of-a-kind motorcycles made in France with the greatest care.

Innovative design

Combinaison of engineering and design in order to match perfectly with the technical and aesthetical constraints.

"Simon doesn’t start his builds with a smouldering angle grinder but scans the donor bike, in this case Honda’s revered NX650 Dominator, with the very latest 3D modelling equipment. And not just a quick shot with a fancy camera, each major component and areas in line for upgrade are captured and converted into photorealistic drawings. A detailed render is then revealed to the client for them to fine tune small intricacies."
The Bike Shed
“Sometimes a build comes along that’s truly innovative –a potential game- changer in the custom scene.”
"Un ingénieur branché design ou l'inverse? Un jeune mec branché sur les technologies éco-responsables et pas aussi naze qu'un politique verdâtre... Un jeune qui en veut et sait réfléchir grâce à de belles motivations? C'est Simon Dabadie."
Philippe Canville
Moto Heroes